Upcoming Events

Coming up July 12th!
Unbroken Chain , our Harm Reduction Program, is partnering with Comox Valley Lifelong Learning Center to bring you Mic Drop! Every Wed. 6-8pm through the summer.

Unbroken Chain, Indigenous Harm Reduction Program

Also See Unbroken Chain, Harm Reduction Information on menu tab for programming throughout the summer. We have added new programming as we expand out Hip Hop programming and partnering with Comox Lifelong Learning Center to bring you Mic Drop. Mic Drop is an interactive workshop, to use writing and creative exercises as a way of positive expression, to write songs, lyrics, bars, and performance practice through freestyle or using written material. All ages welcome.

May 25th, 2019 “Lil Bit of Nashville Country”

June 21, 2019 Indigenous Peoples Day